In addition to my portfolio work and other freelance jobs, I enjoy collecting and shooting film cameras. I started with my dad's Canon 650 and its "nifty fifty," shooting the film that he had with it. The expired film gave my photos an interesting look and I felt like I found something really authentic in this world of Auto Mode and Photoshop. From there I started shooting my grandfather's medium format Yashica D, as well as some other Polaroid instant cameras. It made me appreciate the original process of carefully composing, exposing, and even developing each of your shots. There's nothing like it and I almost find the process therapeutic at times.


As a young boy, some of my most memorable experiences were at the Los Angeles International Auto Show. My father used to take me every year as far back as I can remember and from that, I gained my first passion ever: cars. It was also where I was first exposed to photography, as my dad would bring his Canon 650 which he would later pass on to me. Since then, I've been in love with cars and photographing them. From exotics to Japanese import culture, I've attended, shot, and even covered several automotive events. I even return to the LA Auto Show with my dad occasionally for old time's sake-- but this time I hold the camera